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Bondo(R) Easy Finish(R) Black Flexible Bumper Repair Bondo(R) Plastic Metal
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3M 00901 Bondo(R) Plastic Metal 5 oz 3M ID: 60-4550-5672-5 3M 00806 Bondo(R) Bumper and Flexible Par 2 oz 3M ID: 60-4550-5573-5 3M 00802 Bondo(R) Bumper Black 00802 3M ID: 60-4550-7313-4
  • Bondo?® Plastic Metal, 901, 5 ozBondo(R) Plastic Metal is a do-it-yourself solution for easy and effective auto body repair. Fill and seal seams and cracks in metal and other surfaces right from the tube  no mixing required. Plastic Metal dries quickly and is easily sanded, filed, drilled and painted for smooth and seamless repairs. It is also ideal for filling small holes.
  • Bondo?® Bumper and Flexible Part Repair, 806, 2 ozBondo(R) Bumper and Flexible Part Repair is an easy to use, two-part epoxy adhesive used to repair flexible parts, including interior plastic parts, dashboards and bumpers. This adhesive is ideal for smaller repairs to TPO, ABS, and many other types of plastics. Our repair product produces professional-looking results, restoring vehicles to like-new condition.
  • Bondo(R) Bumper Black, 00802, 12 ounceBondo(R) Bumper Black restores trim, black bumpers, rear and side view mirrors, and moldings with a tough, durable, flexible finish. Dries to the touch in just 20 to 30 minutes