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3M 00610 Bondo(R) Traffic Speed Set Accel 1.25 fl oz Tube 3M ID: 70-0080-0392-6 3M 00606 Bondo(R) Traffic P-606 Flexible Loop Sealer, 606, 1 3M ID: 70-0080-0358-7
  • Bondo(R) Traffic Speed Set Accelerator, 610, 1.25 fl oz Tube, 12 per caseBondo(R) Traffic Speed Set Accelerator for use with any Bondo(R) polyester loop sealers.
  • Bondo(R) Traffic, P-606 Flexible Loop Sealer, 606, 1 Gallon (US) Can, 4 per caseBondo(R) Traffic, P-606 Flexible Loop Sealer is highly durable and remains permanently flexible. This loop sealant can withstand the corrosive effect of road salts, automotive fluids, jet fuel, gasoline and extreme weather conditions.