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3M 03008 3M&#8482 Emery Cloth 3-2/3 in x 9 in 3M ID: 60-4550-7025-4
  • 3M™ Emery Cloth, 03008, 3-2/3 in x 9 in, Assorted, 4 sheets per packThe 3M™ Emery Cloth is designed for metal sanding jobs that require durability, such as removing rust and corrosion from metal  ideal for auto repair. Its tough emery abrasive combines various mineral oxides and is mounted on durable cloth backing that resists shredding and tearing. All of it is resin cured for overall durability to last much longer than standard sandpaper.Designed for rust and corrosion removal or metal sanding. Cloth backing makes it strong and durable. For deburring and preparing metal surfaces.