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3M™ Crimp Tools 3M™ Wire Preparation and Cable Tools
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3M 10577 3M&#8482 Scotchlok&#8482 Hand Crimpi 3M ID: 80-6100-6452-1 3M 16198 3M&#8482 CARBIDE FIBER SCRIBE 3M ID: 80-6113-0458-7 3M 34211 3M&#8482 Scotchlok&#8482 Cartridge C 3M ID: 80-6101-3112-2
  • 3M™ Scotchlok™ Hand Crimping Tool E-9EThe E-9E Crimping Tool is a parallel closing action tool for use with 3M™ Scotchlok™ Butt and Tap Connectors. Mechanical Advantage of 4-to-1. Handles all Wire Gauges.
  • 3M™ Carbide Fiber ScribeFiber scribe to remove the fiber stub form the connector end face.
  • 3M™ Scotchlok™ Cartridge Crimping Tool E-9CThe E-9C tool holds the connectors (in cartridges) firmly in place, allowing the craftsperson the use of the other hand for guiding wires. Mechanical Advantage of 7-to-1. Automatic Cartridge feed.
  • 3M 16199 3M?äó 200X VIEW SCOPE 6365-VS 3M ID: 80-6113-0459-5 3M 92843 3M?äó MS2?äó HAND CRIMPER 4036- 3M ID: 80-6108-4550-7 3M 91749 3M&#8482 UNIVERSAL SPLICING RIG W 3M ID: 80-6107-7238-8
  • 3M™ 200X View Scope200X view scope with oblique and coaxial lighting for fiber end face viewing.
  • 3M™ MS^2™ Hand CrimperA self-contained, pistol-gripped crimper designed to crimp 3M™ MS^2™ Modules in the 4041 Splicing Head.
  • 3M™ MS??™ Universal Splicing Rig with CrimperA complete splicing rig with the 4036-25 Hand Crimper that is designed for one-person aerial, buried, underground, and pedestal cabinet splicing applications.