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3M 22756 3M&#8482 Termination Modules MX200 3M ID: 80-6113-2135-9 3M 68546 3M&#8482 Sealing Tape 2900-R 1 1/2 3M ID: 80-6104-1363-7 3M 71475 3M&#8482 Scotchlok&#8482 IDC Butt Co 3M ID: 80-6105-7824-9
  • MX2000 UN.PR FQ1000027918 TERMINAL BLOCK HEX SCREWFirst issued in 1988, the MX high reliability drop wire connector concept has been officially recognized as the only solution to increase MTBF in the overhead network.
  • 3M™ 2900-R (1 1/2"X5`) Sealing TapeSealing collar tape.
  • 3M™ UR2-D(Cart) 19-26 AWG Butt Connector (Dry)The UR2/UR2-D solvent resistant connectors accept two or three solid copper conductors that can be of different wire gauges, for butt splicing. The UR2 connectors are filled with a sealant to provide moisture resistance.
  • 3M 95742 3M&#8482 Slim Lock Closure 716 1/2 in 3M ID: 80-6113-8755-8 3M 25941 3M&#8482 Loose Tube PLC Optical Sp 3M ID: 80-6113-2516-0 3M 26331 3M&#8482 Vise Final Assembly 3M ID: 78-8006-2472-4
  • 3M™  Slim Lock Closure 716Slim Lock Closure for 1/2"  Jumper Coax Cable,  DIN 716 connections
  • PLC-104-99-22-15-S-0 PLC SM OPTICAL SPLITTER 1X4, 900UM LT OUTPLC Singlemode optical splitter 1x4, 900 (MU)m LT, SC/APC