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3M 17676 3M?äó FIBER OPTIC SPLICE SLEEVE 3M ID: 80-6102-8138-0 3M 70906 3M&#8482 MS^2&#8482 Super Mini Half 3M ID: 80-6110-1310-5 3M 57410 3M&#8482 8406-CM Plate 6 Port 3M ID: 80-6108-6195-9
  • 3M™ Fiber Optic Splice SleeveFiber optic heat shrink splice sleeve, 3.0 mm x 60 mm. Transparent plastic tube and stainless steel rod designed to prevent stress and protect fusion fiber optic splices in field and factory operations.
  • 3M™ MS^2™ Super Mini Half Tap Module Gel TransparentThe 3M™ MS^2™ Super Mini Module Gel Transparent 4000-G/TR is a 25-pair straight splice module that features an array of U-shaped, phosphor-bronze contacts and stainless steel cut-off blades.
  • 3M™ 8406-CM Plate, 6 Port, SC MM  w/CouplingsPlate used with the 8400 Series Fiber Distribution Units.
  • 3M 19145 3M&#8482 Large Fiber Splice Organi 3M ID: 80-6113-1651-6 3M 57125 3M&#8482 Fibrlok&#8482 Assembly Tool 3M ID: 80-6105-8187-0 3M 77329 3M&#8482 Pressurized Closure Syste 3M ID: 80-6110-3946-4
  • 3M™ Large Fiber Splice Organizer TrayStores and protects 48 single fusion splices (3.0 mm x 60 mm). The 2521-F splice inserts which are included are easily added to secure splices into the trays. Fibers are routed into the trays using 2520 tubing that zips over the fibers.
  • 3M™ Fibrlok™ Assembly ToolRequired for Fibrloks 2529-AS and 2540-AS. Included in 2565 Kit.
  • 3M™ Pressurized Closure System 2-Type 505 Endplate3M™ 2-Type End Plates are offered in various diameters (up to 12.0 inches)  and various cable entries (up to 3). Each assembly comes with sheath grip clamps. No drilling is needed in the field.
  • 3M 34355 2671 Fiber Optic Ribbon Construc 3M ID: 80-6107-4395-9 3M 70840 3M&#8482 Fiber Optic Splice Closur 3M ID: 80-6110-0884-0 3M 37924 3M&#8482 Circuit Plating Tape 1280 24 in x 72 yd 3M ID: 70-0062-2732-9
  • 3M™ Fiber Optic Ribbon Construction TapeConsumable tape used with 3M™ Fibrlok™ Ribbon Construction Tool 2670.
  • 3M™ Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2178-LSThe compact 3M™ Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2178-LS features a rugged closure tested under harsh, real-world conditions to stand up to even the most severe conditions of moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures.
  • 3M™ Circuit Plating Tape 1280, 24 in x 72 yd, 1 per caseRed, 4.2 mil (0.11 mm) polyester film tape with silicone/rubber blend adhesive. Used for printed circuit board masking during electroplating.
  • 3M 22834 3M&#8482 Pressurized Closure Syste 3M ID: 80-6113-2213-4
  • 3M™ Pressurized Closure System 2-Type 505 CoverThe 3M™ Pressurized Closure 2-type 505 is a pressure tight, re-enterable closure suitable for enclosing spliced connections of communication cables in a wide variety of applications, including manholes.