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3M™ CC Series Cable Cleaning System
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3M 17443 3M&#8482 Filled Cable Cleaning Kit 3M ID: 80-6103-2626-8 3M 57218 3M&#8482 Cable Cleaning Kit 3M ID: 80-6105-8222-5
  • 3M™ Filled Cable Cleaning Kit 600-PAIR 4413-LA specially formulated cleaning solvent for cleaning grease and flex-gel filling compound from filled core cable without damaging connectors, cable or individual conductors. One bag will clean both cable ends at splice point. For up to 600-pair cables.
  • 3M™ Cable Cleaning KitProvides all the necessary materials for cleaning the filling compound from filled copper and fiber optic cables in an easy-to-transport kit. This kit includes fifteen pads saturated in cleaning solvent, five scraper pads and ten towels.