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3M 90900 3M&#8482 Kitchen & Bath Sealant 18 1.4 fl oz (41.4 mL) 3M ID: 70-0050-4534-2 3M 60343 3M&#8482 Caulk Remover 2153DC-NA 3M ID: 70-0705-8257-5
  • 3M™ Kitchen & Bath Sealant 18110, 1.4 fl oz (41.4 mL)3M™ Kitchen & Bath Sealant is a clear, waterproof silicone that forms a tight seal around tubs, sinks, showers, tile, plumbing fixtures, and many surfaces that might be susceptible to mold and mildew.
  • 3M™ Caulk Remover 2153DC-NA, North America3M™ Caulk Remover effectively penetrates, dissolves and softens all types of caulking for easy removal, then cleans up with just soap and water. The convenient flip-top squeeze bottle makes application quick and easy.