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3M 10132 3M&#8482 Tack Cloth 10132NA 17 in x 36 in 3M ID: 70-0705-9501-5 3M 38318 3M&#8482 Tack Pad 07910 175 mm x 235 mm 3M ID: FN-5100-4230-5 3M 07909 3M&#8482 Tack Pad Dispenser 07909 3M ID: XS-0034-0447-1
  • 3M™ Tack Cloth 10132NA, 17 in x 36 in, Single Ply 48 cs3M™ Wood Refinishers Tack Cloth removes dust, dirt, lint and other particles that settle on wood surfaces. Use it to prepare surfaces before applying the first coat of stain, finish or sealer and again between coats to obtain a super-smooth finish.
  • 3M™ Tack Pad, 175 mm x 235 mm, PN07910The 3M™ Tack Pad has been developed especially for the automotive aftermarket to remove dirt, lint, dust and sanding particles prior to spraying primers, base coat or clear coat paints. Based on 3Ms non-woven technology, the pads tacky surface picks up dust and the three-dimensional web inside absorbs dust particles. Use it on metal, plastic, fiberglass or wood.
  • 3M™ Tack Pad Dispenser 07909, 1 per caseWall mountable dispenser easily dispenses 3M™ Tack Pads