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3M 60541 Scotch&#8482 Banner Paper 30 in x 15 ft 3M ID: 70-0710-8130-4 3M 64779 Scotch(R) Maximum Strength Adhes 1 fl oz 3M ID: 70-0051-6921-7 3M 39923 Scotch&#8482 Chalkboard Tape 1905R 1.88 in x 5 yd (48 mm x 4,57 m) 3M ID: 70-0069-3772-9
  • Scotch™ Banner & Sign Paper, 7902 30 in x 15 ft, WhiteWhite Kraft paper for making banners, signs, posters, art projects.White Kraft paper for making banners, signs, posters, art projects.
  • Scotch(R) Maximum Strength Adhesive 6047, 1 fl oz (29,5 mL)Scotch(R) Maximum Strength Adhesive is our most durable super strength adhesive. It works on the widest variety of surfaces. Clear and highly versatile. Outstanding for fabrics and wood. Also good for ceramics, china, leather, tile, brick, paper, some plastics and other surfaces. Comes with a pointed tip for precise application. Easy to use, and non-stringing.
  • Scotch™ Chalkboard Tape 1905R-CB-BLK, 1.88 in x 5 yd (48 mm x 4,57 m)Scotch™ Chalkboard Tape is removable and easy to use. Just cut, peel and stick. Write on with chalk (not included). Erase with a tissue, cloth or eraser. Refresh with a wet cloth. Tape removes cleanly and easily. Recommended for hard, smooth surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic. Do not use on walls. Tape is packaged in a paperboard structure that can sit on a shelf or be pegged.
  • 3M 90812 Scotch(R) Adhesive Dot Roller 60 .31 in x 49 ft 3M ID: 70-0052-7816-6 3M 81481 Scotch(R) Adhesive Squares with .31 in x .43 3M ID: 70-0052-7739-0 3M 52359 Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape 137D 1/2 in x 400 in 2 Pack 3M ID: 70-0052-6921-5
  • Scotch(R) Adhesive Dot Roller 6055, .31 in x 49 ft, Red DispenserRefillable Adhesive Dot Roller for documents. Photo-safe, double-sided tape is perfect for many applications.Refillable Tape Runner for mounting photos and documents. This totally acid-free, double-sided tape is perfect for mounting pictures, documents and memorabilia.  Independently laboratory-tested to be safe for use on photos.
  • Scotch(R) Adhesive Squares with Applicator 097-CFT, .31 in x .43, RedScotch(R) Adhesive Squares with Applicator 097-CFT, 650 squares/pack are a double-sided, permanent adhesive.
  • Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape 137DM-2, 1/2 in x 400 in 2 PackScotch Permanent Double Sided Tape is coated with photo-safe, permanent adhesive on both sides. A no-mess alternative to glue for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks.
  • 3M 80653 3M&#8482 Corner Maker CM100MB 3M ID: 70-0052-2795-7
  • 3M™ Corner Maker, CM100MB, Black, 17" Diagonal, 17 in x 10 in x 1.625 inTurns a 90 degree corner workstation into a bridged corner so a keyboard tray can be mounted in the corner. 17" wide front edge is compatible with all 3M keyboard trays with track lengths of 21.75" or greater. Fits workstations up to 1.5" thick.Easy to use templates. More economical than cutting systems.