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Jed Pool 80-220 Pool Hose Connector Taylor 5154 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer CARTRIDGE POOL FILTER TYPE-H
Hose connector for 1-1/4'' or 1-1/2'' hose. For energy conservation in the home. Fahrenheit and Celsius. Decorator almond color with easy reading numerals and graduations. Size: 7-5/8"H x 2-1/4"W. A must have accessory to the Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. Made with easy-to-clean Dacron paper for the ultimate filtration. For maximum efficiency, replace the filter cartridge every two weeks. Compatible with filter pump number 28601/28602.
Taylor Comfortmeter Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer Jed Pool 80-219 Pool Vacuum Handle THERMOMETER OUTDR SUCTN CUP 8"
Real wood case with natural finish. Silver decorative insert with contemporary graphics. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 7-5/8" x 2-1/4" Standard replacement handle and pin for pool vacuum heads. Fits all standard pool poles. Made of durable plastic with suction cup for window. Large, easy to read face. Weather resistant and rainproof. 8''.
Hi-Lite 5153/5301 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer Jed Pool 35-240 Pool Repair Patch Taylor 5204 Weather Resistant Round Window Thermometer
Recessed tube. Aluminum bracket, easy to read, large numerals. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 7-5/8" x 2-1/4" Over 100 square inches of transparent, pressure-sensitive patches that instantly mends either wet or dry surfaces. Repairs inflatable pools, toys and vinyl liners. Just peel off backing and apply. Easy-to-read numerals. Weather resistant, shatterproof materials, clear bezel. Includes bracket for secure window mounting.
Jed Pool 20-208 Scoop Pool Thermometer With Water Pocket Taylor 5135 Analog Thermometer Jed Pool 35-242 Pool Repair Kit
Fahrenheit or Celsius reading. 10'' long scoop thermometer with water pocket. All aluminum; rust proof. White with black scale. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 8-7/8" length. Pool and spa vinyl repair kit. Repairs inflatable pools, toys and vinyl liners. Mends even under water. Kit contains: 1 ounce of adhesive and 42 square inches of patching vinyl.
GrillPro 25940 Control Knob Taylor Temprite Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer Taylor 5504 Weather Resistant Humidiguide/Thermometer
Universal replacement control knobs will fit most grills. Works with long and short valve stems thanks to the included adaptors. White aluminum scale with large easy to read numerals. Rust proof aluminum bracket. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 8" Displays relative humidity and temperature. Hangs or stands. Updated contemporary styling. For any room in the home. Accurate from 20 degrees fahrenheit to 120 degrees fahrenheit and 10 to 80 percent humidity.
Jed Pool 40-364 1-Piece Flexible Pool Leaf Skimmer Bestair HG050 Hygrometer Quikrete 1153-50 Pool Filter Sand
Heavy-duty, one piece plastic frame. Measures indoor air humidity levels while showing optimal comfort area without the need of batteries. Reduces static electricity which causes problems with electronic equipment. Helps sooth dry, itchy skin, throats and coughs. Also hydrates woodwork, furniture and houseplants. Use with any brand of humidifier. Properly graded clean silica sand. Use for swimming pool filtration systems.
Taylor 5321N Weather Resistant Round Dial Thermometer Taylor 5327 Max/Min Grove Park Analog Thermometer Taylor 91157 4-Season Easy-To-Read Analog Thermometer
3 1/2" Window Dial. Read outside temperature from inside. Indoor and outdoor temperature readings from inside. Large, easy-to-read face. Easy installation. Durable plastic construction. Bold red and blue numbers display accurately from minus 40 degrees fahrenheit to 100 degrees fahrenheit. 9-3/4'' x 1-2/8''. Unique cling design attached to glass without any brackets or glue. Easily remove and reinstalled to relocate or clean windows.
Jed Pool 35-244 Pool Repair Kit CASTERS GRILL 2 PIECE WEBR 7IN Barbour Bayou Classic Mesh Skimmer
Complete vinyl repair kit to mend pools and inflatables. Mends either wet or dry surfaces, so there's no need to empty your pool. Kit contains: 2 ounces of adhesive and 130 square inches of patching vinyl. Casters fit the following grills: Genesis 1000-5000, Genesis A/B/C (2002-2003 model years), Genesis Gold B/C (model year 2002 and newer) and Platinum. Fits the following charcoal grills: Ranch Kettle and Performer (prior to 2005 model year). Dimensions: 7"H x 9.5"L x 6.5"D. 18'' skimmer with 7'' bowl.
La Crosse 204-1530 Mercury-Free Weatherproof Analog Thermometer Jed Pool 40-370 Pool Skimmer With Pole La Crosse 104-1512 Weatherproof Analog Thermometer
Mercury-free weatherproof thermometer with a unique metal design in fun, bright colors. Easy to read temperature in F and C. Works indoors and outdoors. For accurate readings, tap the side of the thermometer against your hand with the bulb side down to combine the liquid before mounting. Aluminum pole and durable net for surface cleaning. 5' over-all length. 5" color dial weatherproof thermometer. Multiple hanging/mounting options that adjust for easy viewing. Mount indoors or outdoors. Assorted colors, may vary.
Bayou Classic 5020 Deep Fry Analog Thermometer Taylor 90050 Low Profile Thermometer KNOB CONTROL TEMP UNIVE CHROME
Features: Stainless Construction, Stem Clip attaches to side of fry pot and tempered glass dial face. Low profile high impact resin construction for durability with clear view protective lens. UV fade-resistant quality graphics. Designed coordinated ABS resin pointer. Bold, easy-to-read number track in 2 degree tempurature increments. Precision made bi-metallic coil for accurate temperature reading. Mounting template on each package for quick and easy mounting. Dimensions: 8.375" diameter. Universal replacement control knobs will fit most grills. Works with long and short valve stems thanks to the included adaptors.
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