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Intex Marketing 59020EP Glossy Beach Ball Intex Marketing 59650EP Arm Band Taylor 5154 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer
For the beach, backyard and pool parties. For ages 3 and up. Approximately 20 inch diameter when deflated. Made with 8 ga. vinyl. Two air chambers in each arm band. Arm bands helps young children gain confidence in the water and helps develop their swimming skills. For ages 3-6. For energy conservation in the home. Fahrenheit and Celsius. Decorator almond color with easy reading numerals and graduations. Size: 7-5/8"H x 2-1/4"W.
CARTRIDGE POOL FILTER TYPE-H  Taylor Comfortmeter Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer HAND WARMERS DISPOSABLE 4 PACK
A must have accessory to the Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. Made with easy-to-clean Dacron paper for the ultimate filtration. For maximum efficiency, replace the filter cartridge every two weeks. Compatible with filter pump number 28601/28602. Real wood case with natural finish. Silver decorative insert with contemporary graphics. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 7-5/8" x 2-1/4" Can be placed in gloves or pockets for up to six hours of warmth. Ideal for cold-weather, outdoor activities. 3" x 4". Activated by squeezing or shaking several times.
Intex Marketing 59703E Assorted Floating Mat 72 in L X 27 in W TABLET CHLRN ACTV99 3IN 8OZ   THERMOMETER OUTDR SUCTN CUP 8"
6 gauge mat. Assorted colors. 3" Chlorinating tablets. 4-in-1 formula includes built-in stabilizer to protect chlorine from sunlight degradation, kills bacteria, controls algae and keeps water clean. Skimmer, feeder or floater applications. Made of durable plastic with suction cup for window. Large, easy to read face. Weather resistant and rainproof. 8''.
Jed Pool 00-230 2-Way Pool Test Strip Refill Hi-Lite 5153/5301 Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer Taylor 5204 Weather Resistant Round Window Thermometer
1/2 ounce bottle of OTO and 1/2 ounce bottle of Phenol red solutions. For testing Bromine, pH levels and Chlorine. Replacement testing reagents for sku no. (135.0966). Recessed tube. Aluminum bracket, easy to read, large numerals. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 7-5/8" x 2-1/4" Easy-to-read numerals. Weather resistant, shatterproof materials, clear bezel. Includes bracket for secure window mounting.
Intex Marketing 55684 Swim Goggle Intex Marketing 59661EP Fun Fish Swim Vest Taylor 5135 Analog Thermometer
UV protection. Sleek design for performance. Hypoallergenic soft thermoplastic rubber eyecup for comfortable fit. Tinted lenses for extra style and better vision. Polycarbonate lens for safety. Assorted colors. For ages 10 and up. Quick drying material does not absorb water. Air bubble texture allows for greater air flow between material and body to regulate temperature. For ages 2-4 or up to 55 lbs. All aluminum; rust proof. White with black scale. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 8-7/8" length.
Intex Marketing 59718E Assorted Floating Relax Mat 72 in L X 27 in W Intex Marketing 59252EP Whale Ride-On Taylor Temprite Weather Resistant Window/Wall Thermometer
7 gauge vinyl. Wave beam construction. 2 air chambers. Clear top with colored bottom. Assorted colors. 36'' diameter. For ages 9 and up. White aluminum scale with large easy to read numerals. Rust proof aluminum bracket. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Size: 8"
Taylor 5504 Weather Resistant Humidiguide/Thermometer ANTIFOAM SPA CLOROX 16OZ      PH DOWN SPA CLOROX 22OZ
Our Price: $5.75
Displays relative humidity and temperature. Hangs or stands. Updated contemporary styling. For any room in the home. Accurate from 20 degrees fahrenheit to 120 degrees fahrenheit and 10 to 80 percent humidity. Prevents and eliminates foam. Solves frustrating water quality problems to get your spa back to normal quickly. Lowers pH in spa water and helps prevent scaling and cloudy water.
SHOCK OXI CI FREE 1.25LB      PH UP SPA CLOROX 18OZ         Bestair HG050 Hygrometer
Our Price: $5.89
Power, chlorine-free formula. Creates sparkling water. Destroys organic contaminants. Improves swimmer comfort. For all pool types, including salt. Swim in 15 minutes. Raises pH in spa water. Guards against skin and eye irritation. Protects against corrosion of equipment and metal accessories. Measures indoor air humidity levels while showing optimal comfort area without the need of batteries. Reduces static electricity which causes problems with electronic equipment. Helps sooth dry, itchy skin, throats and coughs. Also hydrates woodwork, furniture and houseplants. Use with any brand of humidifier.
SOLUTION REFILL TEST KIT 3WAY Intex Marketing 55913 Sea Scan Swim Mask Quikrete 1153-50 Pool Filter Sand
Refill solutions for 3 way test kit. Tests for pH, chlorine or Bromine. Polycarbonate lens for safety. Hypoallergenic poly vinyl chloride skirt for comfortable fit. Poly vinyl chloride and rubber head strap for durability and easy adjustment. For ages 8 and up. Assorted colors. Properly graded clean silica sand. Use for swimming pool filtration systems.
Jed Pool 00-481 2-Way Standard Pool Test Kit Taylor 5321N Weather Resistant Round Dial Thermometer Jed Pool 00-490 4-Way Pool Test Kit Refill
Pool test kit contains 1/2 ounce bottle of OTO for chlorine test and 1/2 ounce bottle of Phenol red indicator solution for pH test. Easy to read test block. Comes in unbreakable storage case with instructions and color chart. 3 1/2" Window Dial. Read outside temperature from inside. For pools and spas. Each strip tests for: Free chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total alkalinity and hardness. Contains 50 strips.
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