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STP 00203 Brake Fluid Armor All Original 10040 Protectant Gel Honeywell AS-400P Brake Fluid
Formulated for optimum performance for all disc or drum brake systems requiring DOT 3 fluids. Provides protection against brake failure from vapor lock, helps prevent corrosion. Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116. Meets SAE spec. J1703. Works on rubber, plastic, vinyl, wood and leather. High boiling point gives an extra margin of safety and is designed for safe operation of high-powered vehicles. For ABS, disc, and drum brake systems. DOT 3, meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116 and SAE Spec. J1703. 284 degrees Fahrenheit min wet boiling point.
Bondo/Dynatron 913 Cream Hardener Permatex 80345 Grease Solder Seal Gunk DE1 Windshield De-Icer
Designed to be used with body fillers, bondo-glass, bondo-hair and fiberglass resin jelly. Specially formulated and packaged under temperature controlled conditions that assure freshness and maximum performance. The red color cream hardener provides a color change when mixed with Bondo Filler or other white auto body fillers. On a card. Fine quality for home, auto, and shop applications. Use on all metal parts. Clean and easy to use for thorough lubrication and long-lasting protection. Stops rust and corrosion, prevents wear. For tools, latches, hinges, reels, gears, wheels, etc. Long, tapered nozzle on tube permits pinpoint accuracy in applying grease. On a card. Defrosts car windows instantly. Helps free frozen locks. Spray in advance to help prevent frost formation.
STP Son Of A Gun 65254 Leather Protectant STARTING FLUID PREMIUM 10OZ   Solder Seal Gunk M3815 Standard Thrust Starting Fluid
Polymer silicone formula penetrates surfaces to shine and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic. Helps protect surfaces from fading and cracking by reducing ultraviolet light, while bringing out color and restoring luster and shine. It also protects against abrasion. High concentration of premium ethyl/ether formula for gasoline and diesel engines, complies with the federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines. Designed to start stubborn engines fast and is effective down to -65 degreesF (-54 degreesC). To promote quick starting of gasoline and diesel engines under extreme cold conditions down to -65 degrees F. Saves battery and ignition during cold weather. Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitors. Spray fluid directly into air cleaner of air intake before starting engine. Avoid spraying for over 5 seconds per attempt. If engine still refuses to start repeat procedure for up to 3 times. Aerosol can.
Prestone AS-242 Windshield De-icer Gumout 5072866 Instant Starting Fluid Permatex 81150 Tune-Up Dielectric Grease
Prevents refreezing and smearing. A concentrated formula with a high powered propellant for windows, locks and wipers. For gasoline engines. Perfect for extreme cold or humid weather. Protects electrical connections and wiring from salt, dirt and corrosion. Extends the life of bulb sockets. Prevents voltage leakage around any electrical connection. Also prevents spark plugs from fusing to boots. Required for modern high energy ignition systems. Suggested applications: marine and automotive electrical connections, spark plug boots, trailer hitches, battery terminals.
Bondo 357 3-Piece Self-Cleaning Spreader Set Gunk Solder Seal Transeal M1512 Strong Transmission Sealer SANDPAPER W/D 1000G 3-2/3X9IN
For smooth, easy spreading of all Bondo products. Strong automatic transmission sealer, stops leaks fast, compatible with most ATF, conditions seals, shift improver. In a plastic bottle. Excellent for sanding primed surfaces, can be used wet or dry. Made with long-lasting, self-fracturing aluminum oxide.
SANDPAPER W/D 1500G 3-2/3X9IN SANDPAPER W/D 2000G 3-2/3X9IN Solder Seal Gunk M710 Ultra Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner
Excellent for sanding primed surfaces, can be used wet or dry. Made with long-lasting, self-fracturing aluminum oxide. Excellent for sanding primed surfaces, can be used wet or dry. Made with long-lasting, self-fracturing aluminum oxide. Will help remove surface contaminants such as brake fluid, oil, and grease from brake linings, drums, other brake parts and CV joint assemblies. Degreases quickly and can be used without disassembling the brake unit. Compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1171. Leaves no residue and dries quickly. Helps retard the release of asbestos dust and other airborne particulate matter when used as directed. Contains no chlorinated solvents.  Protect rubber or plastic brake parts, seals, and painted surfaces from spray. Low VOC 50 state formula. Aerosol can.
Brakleen 5089 Brake Parts Cleaner Bondo Dynatron 912 Liquid Hardener F21 T96R Super Protectant
Formulated to quickly and effectively remove brake fluid and dust, grease, oils and other contaminants from brake parts, lining, and pads. Helps brakes last longer and perform more efficiently. Dries fast, degreases instantly, leaves no residue. Eliminates need to disassemble. Contains a chlorinated solvent. Aerosol can. Can be used with tape, cloth or mat. Use tape for minor repairs, cloth on contour surfaces where thickness is less important, mat on areas where extra strength is required. Carded. Superior shine and protection for vinyl, leather and rubber. Protects against fading, drying and cracking. Has a fresh leather fragrance. Contains Sun-Stop, an advanced ingredient to guard against UV rays.
Bondo Dynatron 907 Glazing and Spot Putty Liquid Wrench M3312 Hydraulic Jack Oil SANDPAPER W/D ASST 3-2/3X9IN
Fills imperfections, pits, scratches, and shallow dents. Use with other auto body repair materials. Sandable and paintable. Carded, Formulated with extreme pressure additives, for use in all hydraulic jacks. In a plastic bottle. Excellent for sanding primed surfaces, can be used wet or dry. Made with long-lasting, self-fracturing aluminum oxide.
Gold Class G10900 Leather Wipe American Hardware RV-371B Incandescent Lamp American Hardware RV-372B Incandescent Lamp
Premium conditioner cleans, shines and protects. Leaves no white residue. High levels of rich moisturizers, including aloe, while protecting from spills, stains and UV damage. Incandescent 12 volt. Incandescent 12 volt.
American Hardware RV-373B Incandescent Lamp Blaster 16-LG Grease TAPE MASKING AUTO 18MM X 32M
Incandescent 12 volt. Low-odor, clean, white grease that lubricates by creating a protective barrier. Protects against moisture and oxidation and is safe for a wide range of applications. Keeps surfaces lubricated in extreme temperatures. Withstands heavy loads. Use on open lube points and high-load applications. Automotive masking tape that provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, a sharp paint line, and removes cleanly upon completion of the job.
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