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Campco 6902 Element Gasket Campco 6842 Element Gasket STP 00203 Brake Fluid
OD - ID - .0625" Thick (BULK) Round rubber gasket, 1.625" OD x 1.1875" ID x 0.500" (BULK). Formulated for optimum performance for all disc or drum brake systems requiring DOT 3 fluids. Provides protection against brake failure from vapor lock, helps prevent corrosion. Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116. Meets SAE spec. J1703.
Honeywell AS-400P Brake Fluid Lubrimatic 05-028 Standard Jaw Hydraulic Grease Gun Coupler Blue Coral WC102 High Foaming Car Wash
High boiling point gives an extra margin of safety and is designed for safe operation of high-powered vehicles. For ABS, disc, and drum brake systems. DOT 3, meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116 and SAE Spec. J1703. 284 degrees Fahrenheit min wet boiling point. For hand-operated lube equipment only. 4,500 PSI recommended working pressure. Features spring-loaded ball check valve. Fits all 1/8" NPT threads. Rich lather safely floats away dirt and grime. Leaves a sparkling, streak-free finish on cars new and old. Enhances previously polished surfaces. For all paint surfaces.
Lubrimatic 05-031 Standard Jaw Curved Grease Gun Coupler STARTING FLUID PREMIUM 10OZ   Solder Seal Gunk M3815 Standard Thrust Starting Fluid
For hand-operated lube equipment only. 4,500 PSI recommended working pressure. Features spring-loaded ball check valve. Fits all 1/8" NPT threads. High concentration of premium ethyl/ether formula for gasoline and diesel engines, complies with the federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines. Designed to start stubborn engines fast and is effective down to -65 degreesF (-54 degreesC). To promote quick starting of gasoline and diesel engines under extreme cold conditions down to -65 degrees F. Saves battery and ignition during cold weather. Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitors. Spray fluid directly into air cleaner of air intake before starting engine. Avoid spraying for over 5 seconds per attempt. If engine still refuses to start repeat procedure for up to 3 times. Aerosol can.
Lubrimatic 05-037 Gun Injector Needle Nozzle Gumout 5072866 Instant Starting Fluid Moltan 7508 All Purpose Safety Absorbent
Lubricates in very tight places like universal joints and sealed bearings. Stainless steel 18-gauge x 1-1/2" long needle. Equipped with standard grease fitting and protective plastic holder. For hand-operated grease guns only. For gasoline engines. Perfect for extreme cold or humid weather. Made from Montmorillonite clay, a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorptive ability. Designed for quick clean up of water, oil, and grease. Larger coarse product calcined at a higher temperature producing harder granules for better traction, permitting delayed waste disposal. All-purpose absorbent suitable for commercial or home. 100% natural mineral.
Gunk Tough Truck Glass Cleaner Zip Wax T75 Car Wash Concentrate Armor-All 25024 Car Wash
Foaming spray removes dirt build up and bugs. Gently removes road dirt and grime without harming the finish-new car, old car, metallic, enamel, basecoat, clear-coat, as it adds a Turtle Wax shine. Cleans without stripping wax, fights water spots and adds a brilliant shine to all surfaces.
Lubrimatic 05-061 Curved Grease Gun Extension Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner Purple Power Prime Shine 4817PS Wheel and Tire Cleaner
Standard length pipe for most hand operated grease guns. 1/8" NPT each end, 30-degree angle. Streak free windows, formulated to easily remove tough road grime and interior film. Ammonia-free, safe for tinted windows. With foaming action. Removes brake dust and dirt. Spray on and hose off.
Rain-X 800001679 Glass Cleaner Purple Power Prime Shine 5032PS Dust-Off Wheel Cleaner Bleche-Wite 800002224/555-6P Tire Cleaner
Cleans glass and mirrors. Removes dirt, bug residue, tree sap and road grime on exterior glass. Use on interior glass to remove smoke film or protectant over spray. Safe for permanently tinted windows. With brake dust repellent. Removes and dissolves dust, dirt, oil and grime on contact. Spray on and hose off.  For use on ABS plastic, anodized, chrome and clear coated factory-treated wheels and hubcaps. Restores that "new tire" look. Spray on, wipe off. Removes brake dust. High pH formula.
GLASS CLEANER NEVERWET        American Hardware P-178C Vent Check Lubrimatic 10-200 Economy Flexible Grease Gun Hose
Our Price: $5.37
Glass cleaner with rain repelling properties cleans streak-free while imparting repellent properties to keep glass cleaner, longer. Powerful, streak-free formula removes the toughest deposits on glass. Great for glass around the home, auto and more. Apply two coats of NeverWet glass cleaner to remove the harshest of elements. Black in color. For use on hand operated grease guns only. Steel 1/8" NPT male fittings on each end.
Gunk Tough Truck Tire and Wheel Cleaner Deep Crystal G10464 Car Wash Black Magic BM41023 Tire Cleaner
Removes dirt, grime and brake dust, loosens mud and road residue from tires and wheels for easy cleanup. With ingredients that extend the life of the suds. Dirt and grime are loosened and removed while wax protection is preserved. No scrub, spray on, hose off. Releases brake dust on contact. For all wheels.
Armor All 25464 Car Wash Concentrate Engine Brite EB1 Engine Degreaser Solder Seal Gunk FEB1 Engine Cleaner
Effectively removes tough road grime without harming the wax finish. Finish brighteners leave a just-waxed shine. Clear rinsing formula, safe for all finishes. Solvents quickly remove grease and grime from auto, power mower, marine and tractor engines, metals, concrete and tires, and industrial equipment where water is permitted. Emulsifies oil and cleans greasy surfaces. Not for sale in California. Aerosol can. Safely removes dirt, dust and road grime and can be used on all vehicles, foam clings to vertical surfaces and picks up dirt, quick, effective foaming action, rinses easily with water. Not for Sale in California. Aerosol can.
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