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PICK UP TOOLCLAW CHRM 24IN    General Tools 70555 Adjustable Utility Inspection Mirror General Tools 532 Pocket Reading Magnifier
Chrome claw pick-up tool. 24 in. Mirror is fully polished for crystal clear reflections, dual ball and socket joints permit infinite angle adjustments of the mirror, convenient pocket clip for use in the field. Facilitates inspection of inaccessible work pieces and machines by tool makers, assemblers, inspectors, and mechanics; 1-3/8" diameter inspection Mirror with telescoping shaft extends from 5" to 27-1/2" in length. Lens is made of ground and polished optical glass and pivots into case for storage; stores easily in a pocket. Used by machinist, inspectors, jewelers and hobbyists. Carded.
General Tools 555 Flat Inspection Mirror General Tools 396 Mechanical Pickup Retractable Steel Tip General Tools 60004 Probe Set
Fully polished glass mirrors are enclosed in plated holders which are attached to knurled handles with ball and socket joints; facilitate inspection of inaccessible workpieces and machines by toolmakers, assemblers, inspectors and mechanics. Mirror diameter 1-1/4", arm length 6". Strong four prong steel jaws retrieve small items from hard to reach places. Smooth actuator for greater control, chrome finish to prevent rust, flexible shaft to avoid obstacles Features the most popular hook and probe styles in a smaller, fixed-length design. The probes are useful for cleaning and marking small work surfaces, as well as for separating and positioning electrical wires. Blades are 2-5/8" in length; overall Length of tool is 6" and Versa-Grip handle for comfort and control. Includes 4 probes: straight probe, 35 degree bend, 90 degree bend, 180 degree hook probe.
UltraTech 70396 Flexible Shaft Pickup Plastic/Aluminum Handle General Tools 862 Probe and Hook Set General Tools 557 Flat Inspection Mirror
Retrieve items from dark, hard-to-reach places; continued push opens retrieval claw, ergonomically hand controls, flexible shaft, strong spring steel retrieval claw and push On LED light. Includes: (3) LR41 batteries. Each probe features an extended-length aluminum body with a knurled grip, hexagonal head to prevent rolling and is made with heat treated, high-carbon steel points; 6-1/2" in overall length. Used for picking, marking and cleaning a variety of work surfaces or to remove old gaskets and o-rings during a mechanical repair or to position wires during electrical installations. Includes three probes: 45 degree, double bend, hook bend.". Glass mirrors are enclosed in plated holders which are attached to handles with adjustable ball and socket joints. This inspection mirror helps to facilitate inspection of inaccessible workplaces and machines. Overall length 10 1/2" extends to 15"; cushion grip handle.
General Tools 560 Inspection Mirror 3-1/2 in L x 2 in W General Tools MM1E Moisture Meter General Tools 175 Nut Splitter
Fully polished glass mirrors are enclosed in plated holders which are attached to knurled handles with ball and socket joints, telescoping arms and vinyl cushion grip handles. Facilitate inspection of inaccessible workpieces and machines by toolmakers, assemblers, inspectors and mechanics. OA length is 11-1/2", extends to 16". Detect, locate and identify hidden leaks in wood, concrete, plaster, carpet water leaks in roofs, floors and walls. Provides accurate moisture level readings and are used by home owners, contractors and inspectors. Includes: 9V battery, protective cover. Made of heat treated forged steel with hardened steel chisel point that can be reversed to achieve best cutting angle. Compact, angled body fits into tight spaces; works on nuts up to 1/2" (automotive), or 3/4" across the flats and 3/4" hex head for use with a wrench or socket. Easily breaks rusted, frozen, cross threaded and rounded nuts.
Ideal for use in woodworking, building construction, home inspection, lumber selection and water damage restoration; wood/building materials selection switch; low, medium and high moisture tones and on-screen icons; reading HOLD button; replaceable stainless steel test pins; pin cap doubles as calibration checker; auto power off. Ideal for energy auditors, building inspectors, HVAC technicians, electricians, manufacturing technicians, food processing inspectors and homeowners; in scanning mode, color of light panel (red, green or blue) and beeper speed (fast, silent or slow) indicate whether target is above, within or below reference temperature setpoint bandwidth; choice of three setpoint bandwidths 1, 5 and 10F (0.5, 3, 5.5C); squeezing and holding trigger captures reference temperature and launches scan mode; Unique Star Burst laser targeting system helps approximate target/spot size; large backlit LCD; auto power off; NIST calibration is available. Measures temperature without contact. Temperature range from -31 to 689 degrees F. Backlit display for low light applications. Laser sighting for accurate results. Min/Max function to hold either minimum reading or maximum reading on the display. Lock mode allows continuous monitoring. Auto power off, automatically shuts off if left idle for more than 15 seconds.